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Hammered in one single blow. Formed under tremendous pressure. 
Hardened and sharpened to perfection. A culinary knife built to last.
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The most important kitchen tool is your chef's knife. Whether you're a home cook or Michelin star chef. With this single tool you cut, dice, slice, mince, and chop anything from fine fish to fresh veggies. A good sharp culinary knife cuts precise, clean, and saves you precious time. 
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Okay so we're still working out a better name for this. But let us tell you it's awesome. There is actual art formed right into your chef's knife! Our revolutionary production technique leaves a 3D mountain pattern to reflect our sustainable approach. Now on Indiegogo!

What Makes Our knife so great?

For the sharp details here’s the design that went into our Chef’s Knife.

Mountain imprint

The mountain imprint signifies our sustainable approach. It looks great too. Continue reading

Perfectly balanced

Balanced at the center of your grip for ideal control. Continue reading

German steel

8 Inches of hardened X50CrMoV15 German steel. So your chef's knife stays sharper for longer. Continue reading

Sharpening angle

Our 15° edge angle ensures a razor sharp blade. Continue reading


Nothing beats an all natural hardwood grip. Providing grip even when wet. Continue reading


Right in between the Japanese and Western style. Great for slicing AND chopping alike! Continue reading

Don't take our word for it

  • Want a free magnet strip?
  • Want razor sharp value?
  • Want to compensate CO2?

The Magnet Strip

Once in a while you'll probably want to put the knife down, if only for a moment. Our beautiful hardwood magnet strip will securely hold your culinary knives until you're ready to dice on.

Limit time only, BARE Knives can be found on Indiegogo. By selling directly via Indiegogo we can offer you an early bird discount.
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The BARE Forging Process

After the mountain pattern is forged into the steel, the Chef knives are heated to over 800 degrees Celsius, before being rapidly cooled to dramatically increase the hardness of the steel. Each chef’s knife is then sharpened by hand, to a razor sharp edge. A Wenge hardwood handle is then fitted to ensure perfect grip even in wet conditions. By reinventing the manufacturing process we are able to produce an exceptional tool for an amazing price.
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Our chef's knife goes from our hands straight into yours. It's so simple, we're amazed it's gotten so out of fashion.
This way, we get to do what we love and you get incredible value for money. That's what we call fair pricing.

We re-invented the production process.
We sell to you directly through Indiegogo. So no middle man.
We only start once we reach our goal. You benefit from our economy of scale.
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We believe in responsible production. Therefore we compensate all CO2 used to produce and ship your chef's knife 10 times over.
This way, everybody benefits and you help to make the world a cleaner place.
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We believe our tools define us, and every tool should be as beautiful as it is practical. The beauty of our tools is not just skin deep. 

We want to leave a lasting impression. 
We make culinary tools that are gorgeous, razor sharp, and carbon negative. 

Our signature line of mountain pattern knives bring the beauty of nature into your home and reduce carbon emission. We stand for honest tools made from honest materials at an honest price.

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